Apr 18, 2010

The man with the Stripes

Jean Paul Gaultier

Even my camera abandonned me today. Two days now i run a marathon only to take a picture of J.P. Gaultier, even an unfocused one...it will be a pic of the "metttre d'haute couture". And today, when he entered into the class of Institute Francais D'Athenes, i didn't have my Nikon!!! At least I saw him. Totally black outfit, with his favourite black leather jacket.A guy full of enthousiasm and energy, even when he was just speaking for his favoutite movie Falbalas by J. Becket. He watched it for the first time at thee age of 11 and then he pointed his finger at the screen as he did today to us, saying: "Je veux etre cet homme" (I wanna be this man)-Philippe Clarence, a couturier who finds his muse and makes her his obsession.
Set the goal and built your life upon it. I'll find my own some day. Maybe it's just started...

Funny tip of the night: the marine striped t-shirt of the audience to express his love to Gaultier

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