Jul 15, 2010

My personal Jesus

By the time I remember myself listening to music, I was singing Cranberries. Imagine that the "No need to argue" (just the song not the CD), I've copied it to a cassette and listening to it non-stop for a month! After 7 years of being apart, Cranberries decided their reunion and we couldn't stop applauding them!
Dolores O'Riordan, a gothic doll with robots movements and full of energy and passion about songs she has written by the age of 20. Having a cross-tattoo as a necklace and sparkling all-stars, she was just thrilled....

Before....Just excited!

After....Totally wet and couldn't feel my legs, but my heart was still singing "Dreaming my dreams"

Jul 10, 2010

Carbonara a la zuccini!

I'm addicted to cooking!
One of my favorite recipes is the traditional carbonara with courgette! Easy and x-tremely tasty!
Chop 10 medium courgettes and 1 big onion in very thin slices and boil them into 300ml of wine or beer 'till they become smooth but crunchy.

Prepare your pasta and add the courgettes with the wine into the hot pasta. The Italian secret is to add 2 egg yolks, parmigiana.....

......and fresh-chopped pepper. That's my favorite bio-pepper from Pain quotidiene my favorite bakery in Brussels

....VOILA! Carbonara a la zuccini for my readers!

and a song for a lazy saturday morning....

Jul 8, 2010

The fashion designer Euangelia Boubouli

She appeared out of the blue in a lazy walk at the downtown.
A figure with hair of fire and eyes of ice. I could resist of asking her to photograph her.
Shy and smily she introduced hershelf: "I'm Euangelia. With "u"and "n", like "angel". Well, she also looks as a fairy creature.
Lucky me, she became one of my favorite posts!

Euangelia Boubouli has been characterized as the Greek V.
Westwood, mainly because the style of clothes is Victorian design, with exuberant volumes and strong geometries.In most of her artistic creations she has used alternative materials such as paper and plastic. All the pieces are handmade, and unique in both their design and in fabric.

For further infos contact her to: euangelia_ffd@yahoo.gr.

We are looking forward to seeing her new collection!

Jul 7, 2010

Once in Munich

I've totally forgot that I had some pics of mine from my trip in Munich! (that's the price you pay when you don't give the camera to tha others!)
The tips I'd like to give to someone who travels to Munich is ALWAYS take a raincoat with you!!!
Mine is from HEMA

Visit the Lindt's chocolate boutique...amazing tastefull experience (shirt: Dsquared, top H&M)

If you are cinemaniacs, like me, don't miss the Bavarian's filmstadt.
You'll see the scenics of the film "Asterix et Obelix" and many others

...and of course, walk to as many forests as you can, like the Englisher Garten, if the weather is permitted. Aufidezen!!

Jul 4, 2010

Dear Yannis

the TEE guy

a true rebel

my very first male roommate

A kid in a man's body
Give him a lighter....and expect the unforgetable talkings....

Jul 2, 2010

The camel and the lace

Tee: Stativarius, Skirt: Zara, Bag: H&M, Ring: H&M, Belt: Vintage, Hat: Pull 'n bear, Shoes: Beverly Feldman,

A picture who became a painting

Everything started with a pinch of green....
Out in a forest in Brugges....

Friends in a road trip around fantasy....

quicker as we imagined we became kids again....

prodigy minds in a HD environment.....
...and we laughed louder than earth

...when suddenly a blue crocodile jumped into our view!
Is he real? Can you see him too?

...hugs and dreams

...Happiness was mine

a green boat with orange sails painted our city brighter...........

....Dedicated to my friends Antonella, Maraki, Sakoukis, Babis, Manolakis


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