Apr 30, 2011

...girl's smiles. Vol. 2 ^^

Chocolate biscuits and "tsoureki" for breakfast.
Today we shined the sun.
Leggings are forbidden.
Sunday stroll at Avissinia's square.
Day's quote "γυαλίζουμε την πέρλα" ( translation not found).

Strawberries for lunch.

artists making decorative insects from baboo leaves.

Avissinia's square. Everything you wish.

Giasemi. My favorite place for mind's tripping.

favorite girlish habbit. Yes we do.

Γυαλίζουμε την πέρλα λέμε!!

...girl's smiles. finally ^^

It was one of my best times this year.
Openminded people with amazingly smiles!
"A good friend must get your ears fucked up" a great teacher said once at the university class. Well, these days I needed 2 extra pairs of ears.
Olga came from Zurich and Maria came from UK for the Easter holidays. They've changed. More matured and more optimistic.

Being abroad gets you thirsty for claiming what you deserve and powerful to try more. It also get you hungry for a truly fresh and red tomato!

"Finally a tomato which smells like tomato!", they kept saying... And I...am happy.

The shadow and the shoes.




After a while we met OUZO.
After a while we got drunk.
After a while we were 18-22 again.

Maria "blacky"

Mar 21, 2011

X-clusive fashion week

Saturday night.
An x-cellent occasion to wear my little black dress, my vintage suit and my beize Chie Mihara. X-clusive fashion week in Athens and I was there too!
X-travaganza people.
X-tremely free alchool.
...thank Bhuda I didn't drop into any of my x-boyfriends.
Well there you go taste of the night.

X-smokers, always smokers designers.

Michaella. Gorgeous.

Athena & Elena. Funny girls with bizare jewelleries.

Athena & Sotiris. The Dreamer.

Ioanna. such a f***** ah-some hair-cut from one a wonderfull photographer.

The snow queen.

Chara Lebessi

Chara Lebessi is a greek fashion designer and on Saturday I was attended to her show. Short dresses with elegant cuts on silk fabric. Feminine suits in black and in saumon shades with sexy but trully refined necklines.


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