Apr 30, 2011

...girl's smiles. finally ^^

It was one of my best times this year.
Openminded people with amazingly smiles!
"A good friend must get your ears fucked up" a great teacher said once at the university class. Well, these days I needed 2 extra pairs of ears.
Olga came from Zurich and Maria came from UK for the Easter holidays. They've changed. More matured and more optimistic.

Being abroad gets you thirsty for claiming what you deserve and powerful to try more. It also get you hungry for a truly fresh and red tomato!

"Finally a tomato which smells like tomato!", they kept saying... And I...am happy.

The shadow and the shoes.




After a while we met OUZO.
After a while we got drunk.
After a while we were 18-22 again.

Maria "blacky"

1 comment:

  1. aaaaaaa auta ta kafe brogues apo pou einai? asos?
    teleia einai !!!!!ta thelw!



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