Aug 13, 2010

A navy sunset

Dress: Paul & Joe sister, broach: vintage 2nd hand from a danish shop, earrings: C&A, pink bow: Estee Lauder

All I need for in my hands...

Aug 11, 2010

When colors are never enough

top: H&M, skirt: Zara, shoes: Chloe, necklace: Tiffany (mum's collection) and C&A,

Aug 10, 2010

The end of an era

Early morning in a barrock hotel room. Haven't slept at all. Excitement?
Really not for the graduation day.
These were my last moments as a student.
Spinning clocks of happiness, tears, hugs, coffees at Zefksidos street or at Navarinou square, breakfast with sweet chocolate crepes at Gustoso, shots of tekila, endless nights starring at the ceiling and organising our TV channel "Lele".

Never words are enough for the feelings.
Neither photos.
Mind trippers: That's what we were.

Vanessa Bruno black dress: CHECKED!

Nikon D5000: CHECKED!

Gauffres au chocolat: EATEN!

Hand at the heart: DONE.

Family hugs.

Do it like The Beatles.

We the boys.

Better when we are together. Almost a year away from my city. The city of everyone. But let me introduce my friends one by one, at least those who were at my graduation's day. I missed my 3 girls, but they know we are a team.

Dear Me...
The wanna be parisian girl.

Trying to be a fashion blogger.

Always over reacting.

Being thankfull that I have friends like them.

Dear Babis
The director.

The HD laugh.

Dear Sakis

The portrait.

The eternal comedian.

Dear Michalis

Known also as the "Rector".

Dear Elissavet

The Harvard girl.

Dear Yiannis


Best laugh ever.
Let's play hide and seak at the port!

Dear Nenou

If Amy Winehouse was a gastronome...

She would had always her nails polished with fluo colours.

She would adored smelling the tastes.

Dear Manolakis

Makes me smile.

Makes me dream.

Dear Matsiraki

The boss.

The electro dancer.

The special details.

The rocker.

...check us out...we are gonna rule the world!


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