Dec 20, 2010

Day 2: Stroll at the eternal city

The Gladiator

Colosseo: A brethless monument

Bacetti a tutti!!

Skirt:Benetton, Top: BCBG, Jacket: St. Martins, Leggings:H&M, Shoes:Cecil, Ring: Handmade by me ^-^

Dec 19, 2010

Roma! Que bella historia...

Feels like I dissappeared from the whole world...
After the suicide of my Nikon I had nohow to shoot my photos...
With my first salary I bought my baby-boom Nikon D90!
With my second one I went to Italy!
So beside the fact that I was completely absent from the blogospere and the atmoshpere in general something was still going on...your comments, your views, even these few.
Here I am once more!P.S. Cross your fingers for my Nikon not to get sink again...
Let this blog trip re-begin!

Day 1


The variety of hand-made products

I'm just telling you my truth!

Pizza romana con funghi e mozzarela di bufala


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