Jun 30, 2010

Call me human. Not refugee.

The Forever Icons

French colours

Tee and shorts: H&M, Belt:Vintage, Shoes:See by Chloe

The red balloon

I never imagined that this glue balloon would give me extra points for the repsesantation of my thesis! I have to admit that it was the protagonist of my trip...

Dress:Zara, Hat: Pull 'n bear, Shoes:See by Chloe, Bracelet: handmade by Viki Chris, Necklace: C&A

...and that's how everything started

...see best friends who denied to grow up...

...make brain thinking happier and differently...

...burst into laugh....

...counting books for my thesis....are they enough? will it ever end?

Road tripin'

It's been almost two years since the last time I travelled by train to my student's city, my Thess, Thessaloniki.

The city, that everybody loves, but she belongs to noone. Like an untamed lover who doesn't accept to give in neither to poets, neither to night owls.

My hair became curled, a little headache dizzled me and rain felt through the window.

I was here.

Jun 17, 2010

The little red dress

Black will always be in fashion, but in the summer everybody needs a bit of color!

That was a totally recycled outfit: the indian belt is from my very best friend Anastasia, which she got bored and didn't want it anymore, my dress is an old Pull 'n Bear, my Beverly Feldman shoes are also from the previous year and my necklace is totally handmade by me. It used to be just few beads that I made with Cernit. I mixed 3 candle ribbons and...voila!

Jun 16, 2010

Is this Manhattan?

well, well, ENOUGH!

Sex and the City was THE cinema event for the fashion lovers, but that was far away too much!
As I was wandering in Munich, the majority of the shops were transformed in "Sex and the City" sponsors! It wasn't that the clothes' shops became cinema's classes, but their whole decoration was like we were leaving not in Manhattan (unfortunately) but in a kitsch city.

Swarovski jeweleries made a collection special dedicated to the film, which I found it quite clever, 'cause it's a limited edition. But in Munich I've seen the moto "Sex and the city" in different versions, like "Style in the City" or "Sexy in the City", stands with Carrie's wardrobe (such a bad imitation) and (for Satan 's sake!) a shoe's trademark "Sex and the city!". Who said that this kind of shoes are better than a pair of black ballerinas? Why the S 'n the C style means only weird high heels and flashy clothes?? As a great "S 'n the C" fan I believe that Patricia Field persuade women to wear whatever they want, without staying at the stereotype cliches and not to create kitsch prototypes.

The white ribbon

I couldn't forget her smile.

They say that sometimes, somehow, some people must meet each other.

I missed my bus station, so I walked further to find to closest one....when I saw this beautiful lady.

"Hi!" "How are you?" she said, like we've know from forever!

Then she sat next to me and she didn't leave her laugh even for a second. I learned from another lady, who sat next to us, that she is a great dancer...at her 91 years old! I always loved when grandmothers used to have silky hair like Ms Konstantina's and her white lace appeared like a soft secret. Her fingers looked like a professional pianist and she was always fixing her hair when I said the word "picture", even if I wasn't shooting her hair

She asked me to meet her again some day, to see her dancing.


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