Jun 16, 2010

The white ribbon

I couldn't forget her smile.

They say that sometimes, somehow, some people must meet each other.

I missed my bus station, so I walked further to find to closest one....when I saw this beautiful lady.

"Hi!" "How are you?" she said, like we've know from forever!

Then she sat next to me and she didn't leave her laugh even for a second. I learned from another lady, who sat next to us, that she is a great dancer...at her 91 years old! I always loved when grandmothers used to have silky hair like Ms Konstantina's and her white lace appeared like a soft secret. Her fingers looked like a professional pianist and she was always fixing her hair when I said the word "picture", even if I wasn't shooting her hair

She asked me to meet her again some day, to see her dancing.


  1. Lovely post. Such women are inspirational.

  2. This is an authentic fashion icon.....
    And really beauty..



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