Jun 16, 2010

Is this Manhattan?

well, well, ENOUGH!

Sex and the City was THE cinema event for the fashion lovers, but that was far away too much!
As I was wandering in Munich, the majority of the shops were transformed in "Sex and the City" sponsors! It wasn't that the clothes' shops became cinema's classes, but their whole decoration was like we were leaving not in Manhattan (unfortunately) but in a kitsch city.

Swarovski jeweleries made a collection special dedicated to the film, which I found it quite clever, 'cause it's a limited edition. But in Munich I've seen the moto "Sex and the city" in different versions, like "Style in the City" or "Sexy in the City", stands with Carrie's wardrobe (such a bad imitation) and (for Satan 's sake!) a shoe's trademark "Sex and the city!". Who said that this kind of shoes are better than a pair of black ballerinas? Why the S 'n the C style means only weird high heels and flashy clothes?? As a great "S 'n the C" fan I believe that Patricia Field persuade women to wear whatever they want, without staying at the stereotype cliches and not to create kitsch prototypes.


  1. γεια! είπα να μπω να ταΐσω τα ψάρια και επί την ευκαιρία να σου αφήσω και ένα σχόλιο. :)

    νισάφι πλέον με το satc. συμφωνώ απόλυτα με την τελευταία πρόταση του κειμένου σου.

  2. uuf, να και κάποια που συμφωνεί! και νόμιζα ότι φαινόμουν πολύ bitch με το σχόλιό μου...σ'ευχαριστώ για το comment και να ξέρεις ότι τα ψαράκια μου είναι στη διάθεσή σου, όποτε θες! ^^



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