Jun 9, 2010

Swaping...new trend?

When my friend Viki returned from Denmark, she told me about a university event, where everybody is swapping clothes with the others and the most creative become the other person, from whom they took his clothes. The idea sounds funny and clever, but I thought "in Greece, nobody will give away his clothes, even the old ones". In a way, we're getting in love with our clothes, with the moments it reminds us , even if a jean wouldn't fit even on one leg!

I'm glad I went wrong! Bloggers do have the power to organize interesting events and one of them is Thaleia Geladaki. The 4th Swap Not Shop party, was an excellent event, where everybody brought (and they DID IT!) his old clothes and swap them with others. Don't forget that if for someone something is old, for the other it's new! Nice place, nice things, nice people! The most interesting part of the party was a table full of fabrics, where we could make our unique brooch!

Thank you Thaleia!


  1. h karfitsa poly omorfh!krima pou dn se eidame!

  2. thank U for coming and for writing about it!

  3. h alitheia einai oti ntrepomoyn poly na milhsw...next time I promise!!

  4. You where there too? Speak up girl, we'd love to meet you!



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