May 20, 2010

clockwork gents

It's magical how an object inspires you and can makes you think differently. Cleaning my grandma's house I found my grandpa's pocket clock .In the beginning, I was thinking to wear it as a necklace, but then I realized the meaning of each object.

The pocket clock was invented the 16th century , but it was so in fashion at the ending of the 19th century. The most famous trades were Waltham, Elgin, Illinois, Hamilton, Ball, Hampden and South Ben. The gentlemen of those years used to be very elegant and discreet. Time wasn't counting that much as in nowadays and when they had a date, they never looked at their clock, if the time was passing by. So the pocket clock could never be a necklace or a bracelet, as it is, 'cause nobody cared what time is it. It just was....



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