May 19, 2010

Dear Viki

She came from Denmark, with her luggage full of dreams and a face plenty of happiness. Viki Chris is a tiny creature with the ambition to be a really good director and a script writer. She studied in Mytilini and continued ay European Film College in Ebeltoft. She has written and directed two short films and I had the honor to be part of one of them.
She is a freestyler! She perfectly combines her YSL vintage sunglasses with a torn legging (handmade by she and her lighter), a striped Tee, a laced vest and a special handmade, delicious necklace by Elissavet Mavrogennni.
We shared a shiny cafe and we were trying to "live" every single of her amazing experiences. Therefore, she was anxious about her future or if it is any of it in Greece. Is Copenhagen that expensive that none of us can move there? Could the abroad, provide a better life? Can a greek director make a movie in Greece?
This year we had the "Fog Film Festival", presented and organised by the majority of greek director. They stood against the greek laws, which don't support their works and keep the 90% of the sponsoring, that they deserve...After all these questions and the thoughts, two souvlakia and many hugs, we shared a good-bye at the railway station..."It has to be a cinematographic ending", as she smiley said....

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